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Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. - Albert Einstein
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Jorrit Klein Bramel

I am Jorrit, a software, technology, and data science enthusiast who takes pride in building elegant and effective solutions to the challenges businesses face in the modern world. Over the last decade, I have been writing software and immersing myself in technology, currently focusing on the high-performance computing and data science fields.
I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (Systems Engineering) from Middlesex University London, with First Class Honours, and I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in High Performance Computing with Data Science at the University of Edinburgh.


Klein Bramel, J.A., Borg, M. and Rello, L. (2020). Classifying Dyslexic Readers with Immersive Technologies using Machine Learning and Eye Tracking Measures.
Klein Bramel, J.A., Rello, L. and Borg, M. (2020). A Virtual Reality Prototype for Dyslexia. Presented at the Workshop on Information Technology and Systems (WITS) 2020.

Public Speaking

Klein Bramel, J.A. (2022). Orchestrating Data-Driven Pipelines With the Help of Pachyderm. Presented at Blipz on the Radar, Utrecht. 2022.


Have I Been Zuckered A public awareness tool designed to highlight privacy concerns on social media platforms. This project demonstrates my commitment to enhancing digital literacy and safeguarding online privacy.
Have I Been Linked An initiative to uncover and inform about data scraping practices of professional networking sites. This project reflects my expertise in data science and passion for transparent data handling in the digital age.


I'm passionate about programming and have worked with various languages over the past decade. My languages of choice are: Go, which I use for all backend-related development; C, primarily used within the high-performance computing field; and Python, my go-to for any data science-related tasks.


My background is rooted in system administration, giving me experience with a broad spectrum of technologies. I've worked with diverse operating systems like Unix and Windows, and various forms of virtualisation, including different hypervisors. My work with containers has familiarised me with platforms like Docker, Podman and Kubernetes. I've also become adept with Infrastructure as Code, utilising tools such as Terraform and Ansible and managing CI/CD to facilitate and promote continuous integration and continuous delivery of different products.

Big Data

While at Blexr and Fast Track, I began working on big data projects, taking responsibility for their infrastructure. I typically use Amazon Web Services to provide the necessary infrastructure for these projects. I frequently use technologies including Amazon Athena, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Redshift, Apache Airflow, and dbt.
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